Environmental Policy


Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter know that mankind is a part of nature. Nature is our home and we need to take care of this fantastic place that we have been blessed with. Therefore, we prioritize constant development of our environmental work as well as others environmental awareness.

By caring and manage nature in a fact based and sustainable way chances are that following generations also can get the possibility to experience this beautiful world. Awareness comes with knowledge and we always strive to offer knowledge about nature that can help people feel at home in nature, and by that get inspired to take care of nature even more. To be able to recognize the knowledge we all need a level of social wellness. Therefore, we also try to contribute to a balance in life so that we all together can start taking a bigger responsibility when it comes to managing our nature.

We get inspired by other environmental conscious actors in the business and try to encourage our partners in making conscious choices when developing their businesses.

Below you’ll find more examples of how Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter is actively caring for nature and the environment.



Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter always prioritize high quality in our services and products. We want our customers to efficiently absorb our knowledge in a creative and pleasant way. High quality makes this process easier which leads to more satisfied customers that get inspired to develop their life in a more sustainable way.



We want to enter nature with respect by showing that we care about natures all individuals; plants, wildlife and man. It should be natural to all of us to strive towards not disturbing or destroy our surroundings. Therefore, we always strive to not making noise and not harvesting more from nature than the mission needs. We always want to leave the place we have visited in the best shape possible when it comes to traces and garbage.



Travels and transports in conjunction with our events is something inevitable that effect the environment. However, we always evaluate environmental effect, time and cost when planning, booking and executing our travels. Events that don’t need materials transported by car we try to reach by train or other public transport. We always encurange our customers to use public transport or carpool when traveling to our events. All with the mindset of making as little impact on the environment CO2-vice.



We constantly try to eliminate unnecessary waste, in the kitchen, around the campfire, building shelter, time planning or around the office. When excess material occurs in our business, we firstly try to make use of it somewhere else in our delivery process. Secondly, we recycle the material at certified recycling stations.

When it comes to time waste in planning and logistics, we must be as realistic as possible to be able to deliver a relaxed and creative event in the end. This is a balance that we passionately always strive for so that both customer and we can enjoy both planning, executing and experiencing the event.

According to us; Bushcraft is the total opposite of the By-and-Throwaway-mentality. We celebrate high quality products that can easily be maintained and passed on for generations. For instance, tools that can help us all taking care of wood and game in an efficient way to eliminate disrespectful waste.



All our training gear used out in the field like; cases, bags, tools, containers, blankets, sleeping bags, ropes, lamps and hunting gear are frequently being maintained by ourselves This of course so that you as a customer shall feel safe and comfortable during the event but also for us to get the most out of a product before an eventual recycling of the object.



Vildmarkskaffe (Wilderness Coffee) is the part of Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter handling all food, Fika and catering. When possible, we always choose locally produced and ecological ingrediencies in our cooking. We are constantly developing our homesteads’ garden to enhance the customers clean, healthy and rich taste experience. We awoid trowaway articles containing plastic. Any plastic containers used for hygienical reasons is thoroughly washed and reused as far as possible before recycled. Our concept is to if possible, use steel forks and knives together with ceramic plates and glass cups in a sustainable way. Excess food we try to distribute to where it’s needed or compost it.



We always keep our eyes and ears piled for new exiting ways of developing our processes to gain an as high as possible environmental awareness. If you have any creative feedback you would like to share with us that you think would develop our environmental engagement further, please let us know.