Edge & Fire

Learn how to manage Fire, Knife, Axe and Saw
– Mankind’s most important inventions

Course description

Edge & Fire is a practical and enjoyable course combining two intresting subjects, Fire and Edge tools – two important corner stones of Bushcraft.

The controlled fire and our sharp tools like, knife, axe and saw, have cleared the path to where we as humans are today in history. The one who master these two cornerstones has limitless possibilities in their hands. During this full day experience you get the chanse to learn and practise your skills in a calm and inspiring homestead environment.

The conditions of the fire constantly changes out in the wilderness. Moist, temperature and oxygen provide the fire with organic life. It is an art to interpret these features best way possible to get a optimal fire. Through encresed knowledge about different lighting techniques and the behavior of the fire, together with the ability to handle well maintained edgetools, will encrese the joy and safety of your outdoor life.


Place: Jonas Vildmarks Bushcraftcenter, Hyttvägen 1, Riddarhyttan, Skinnskatteberg, Västmanland, Sweden MAP
Duration: 1 day (10.00 am -4.00 pm)
Price: 1 650 SEK per person
Course dates 2021: May 25th, September 20th, October 5th

Includes: Instructor, lunch, fika, fire material, wood carving material and borrow tools.


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The whole training is spent outdoors whatever the weather. Bring warm and durable clothing suitable for all kinds of weather. Feel free to bring your own fire and edge tools. We will lend you the tools you need during the training. You are also welcome to buy your own gear in our Bushcraft Boutique upon arrival.

The course contains *

The fundamentals, Safety and Preparations

  • Tinder, Fuel and Fire Construction
  • History of Fire
  • Lighting Techniques and Practicing
  • Lighting Techniques

Practicing and Putting it out Theoretical and practical training regarding knife, axe and saw:

  • The history of the tools, Geometry and Choice of tools
  • Techniques, Safety and Practicing
  • Sharpening. Maintenance and Practicing
  • Bushcraft wood carving

*With reservations for change, for instanse no open flames if case of a local fireban.

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Somewhere to stay

If you want to combine this course with local housing, we can recommend contacting any of the bellow accommodations in conjunction with you booking the course. Click on the accommodation below and you will be linked to their website. (car distance).

Liens Camping (2 min from the Bushcraftcenter)

Pensionat Udden (12 min from the Bushcraftcenter)

Brukshotellet Skinnskatteberg (14 min from the Bushcraftcenter)

Baggå Skola (15 min from the Bushcraftcenter)

Kolarbyn Eco Lodge (17 min from the Bushcraftcenter)

Färna Herrgård & Spa (26 min from the Bushcraftcenter)

Book your spot

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Edge & Fire May 25th 2021

Edge & Fire September 20th 2021

Edge & Fire October 5th 2021



Photo: Nino Fernandes

Photo: Sandra Warn

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